Ambulatory Records Assessment Service

GACCP's Ambulatory Records Assessment Service (ARA) can provide RNs to review medical records and conduct site visits - using client-specific or ARA developed tools - to ensure a health plan is in compliance with National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA), State or Federal Standards. An ARA auditor's focus is on efficiency and effectiveness of process, attention to detail, service delivered with understanding and respect and the utmost honesty and integrity.  

The ARA Solution
Medical records are the foundation for treatments performed by medical personnel. Accuracy, consistency, completeness, and compliance are just some of the qualities that a reliable medical record should possess. After all, these records are created to represent the health conditions of the patients. In other words, the lives of the patients are at stake whenever important documentation is incomplete, invalid or misrepresented.

These types of reviews can be done internally, but most health plans should outsource the task. Why? To have unbiased and specialized audit that will point out the areas that require improvement.

ARA will identify areas that need to be corrected and should be given more attention. This is especially true in clinical documentation. A medical record audit can ensure that all clinical documents are in accordance with the standards that will prevent all types of risks not only for the patients, but for the provider and ultimately the health plan.

Health plans will reap many benefits by outsourcing a State, Federal or other regulatory agency audit to qualified, experienced and reliable auditors from ARA; such as valuable staff time, money and peace of mind.

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