ARA Site Visit

Are your contracted provider's facilities safe? Do the staff conduct themselves in a friendly, professional manner?

Find out BEFORE your next audit.

ARA can help. Their auditors can visit a health plan's contracted providers to assess the quality, safety and accessibility of office sites where members/beneficiaries receive care. The site visit process will evaluate contracted provider groups for compliance with a health plan's established standards and criteria and will provide feedback on areas such as:

  • The facility structure (i.e. wheelchair accessibility, adequate parking, ongoing building maintenance, etc.)
  • Confidentiality/Medical Record Management
  • Physician and Professional Staff
  • Appointment Accessibility and Procedure

After the on-site audit, ARA will prepare a client-specific written summary itemizing each infraction and recommendations to become compliant.

A medical facility, whether a practitioner's office, urgent care, clinic, or any other type of building that offers healthcare treatment, can also effect patient outcomes and overall health. If the building is not maintained, the hallways are cluttered and emergency exits are not properly identified, patients can experience severe bodily harm. To avoid errors and wrong practices that may lead to all types of risks, a medical record audit and/or site visit is extremely important.

Don't be unprepared for your next audit. Contact ARA today.