Primary Source Verification

When it is time for your company to select a vendor to provide your CVO services, turn to Greater Arizona Central Credentialing Program (GACCP).

We believe that we have an obligation to not just be another vendor, but rather an extension of our clients adding to their success. We promise quality, flexibility, the latest technology and fast turn-around times at incomparably cost-effective rates.

Whether providing services for a hospital, health plan or managed care organization, GACCP offers credentialing application processing for all healthcare practitioner types.

GACCP's systems solutions are designed to meet any client’s special needs, as well as the ever-changing needs of technology within the healthcare industry.

With over 100 customers throughout the country, GACCP completes thousands of files each month. Specialized processes - one of the most exhaustive in the CVO market - minimize the risk of applicants using either forged documents, or more commonly, certificates and employment letters.

All of GACCP credentials verification files strictly adhere to NCQA, Joint Commission, and the client’s standards. This site utilizes the latest encryption and authentication techniques for information security allowing the information and property to remain accessible and productive to its intended users.

Currently files completed under NCQA guidelines are completed within an average of 20 calendar days. Initial appointment files completed under JCAHO standards are completed within 60 calendar days. Re-appointment files are completed to due dates specified by the client and 98% are completed on time. GACCP has applications for both initial appointment and re-appointment, as well as separate applications for allied health practitioners. Clients may use GACCP applications or their own.

Increase your medical and professional staff productivity and time available to focus on issues and responsibilities unique to your organization or practice.

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