Central Application Service

Before a practitioner can participate in a managed care organization, enjoy privileges at a hospital, ambulatory surgery center or other facilities, they usually go through the initial credentialing process, which requires the practitioner to fill out new applications. The typical initial application can be 25 pages or more, and a re-appointment application can be a minimum of 15-20 pages or more!

The Central Application Service (CAS) was designed to help practitioners and their staff save time and money by streamlining the credentialing paperwork process. This unique service alleviates much of the burden surrounding credentialing, re-credentialing and privileging processes by collecting and maintaining information and documents, then merging it into an application form.

In addition, the CAS software monitors a practitioner's file. As the documents necessary for the credentialing process approach renewal, reminders are sent to the practitioner. CAS continues to follow-up until documents are renewed and received. This is an on-going process, not done just when the application arrives.

Re-credentialing of providers typically takes place every two - three years (dependent upon each entities guidelines) following initial credentialing, and entails verification of information that could have possibly changed within the previous two years. CAS manages each provider’s recredentialing cycle and automatically delivers the requisite credentialing information.

CAS' goal is to be a seamless "one-stop-shop" for practitioners. As such, CAS was created to provide the services a practitioner needs before and after primary source verification.