What Practitioners Need to Know

Benefits to the Practitioner
Practitioners that complete the GACCP verification process establish a portfolio of primary-source verified credentials - allowing quick, easy and inexpensive access to medical credentials. These documents can be used throughout the applicant’s career for state licensure, hospital privileges, employment and professional memberships.

The benefits of primary source verification to a practitioner are many. Below are just a few of the situations that a practitioner would utilize GACCP’s primary source verification services.

International Physicians
International medical school graduates are aware of the cost and time associated with obtaining verifications from their medical schools. As GACCP obtains the necessary verifications from your medical school (Verification of Medical Education Form, official medical school transcript and a certified diploma) and stores the information permanently in your Physician Information Profile the time and cost to provide this verification will be reduced.

Domestic Physicians
Once GACCP has obtained the primary source verifications, the cost and time required for processing is reduced. Please note that any updates (i.e. additional training or completion of training that was previously in progress) will require additional processing time.

  • Records are stored for ease of access
  • Emergency/disaster preparedness
  • Records available in the event of program closure (over 100 programs close each year)
  • License Portability

Emergency/Disaster Preparedness
Unforeseen disasters can call for physicians to be licensed quickly in order to help those injured or to continue training or practicing medicine. Hurricanes, tornadoes, floods can cause personal and institutional records to be lost. Many cannot be retrieved or replaced. The verified forms in your data file will help resolve this problem, as they are maintained at GACCP.

Highest Standards/Primary Source Verification
GACCP obtains all verifications of medical school, postgraduate training and licensure directly from the primary source. GACCP sends the request directly to the authorized verification address and requires the completed forms be returned directly to GACCP.

Hospitals, Managed Care Plans and Insurance Providers
Hospital and insurance providers can also use your profile in their credentialing process. GACCP meets the standards set by Joint Commission and NCQA. Once your profile is established, this allows for hospital, MCO and insurance applications to be processed quicker.